Vidgen is a python video generator.


To install vidgen, run this command:

$ pip install vidgen


To download a reddit post, use the redditdl commmand.

To run this command, you need to register a reddit API app first. You can do this at the Reddit Apps Page. Once you register an app, you need the Client ID, Client Secret, and a user agent like

<platform>:<app ID>:<version string> (by u/<Reddit username>)

You can pass these variables on the commandline or in environment variables. For more information about which environment variables to set, run

$ vidgen redditdl --help

You can download a post using its URL or its ID (which can be found in the url) and an output filename.

$ vidgen redditdl python.json

Or you can use a post ID (this has the same effect as the command above):

$ vidgen redditdl dhwtvt python.json


These examples don’t include the client ID or client secret command line options.

You have to add these on after the command unless you’re using environment variables.

These client ID can be passed with the -cid or –client-id option, the client secret in the -csec or –client-secret option, and the user-agent in the -ua or –user-agent option.

For example:

-cid xxxxxxxx -csec xxxxxxxxx -ua "python:someproject:v0.0.1 (Made with love by /u/Scoder12)"